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MFactory-B16 Helical LSD

MFactory-B16 Helical LSD

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MFactory's Helical LSD B16A (89-01) is designed for use with 10 bolt 109.8 Ring Gear hole diameter to ensure stable and reliable performance. The patented helical design further increases torque transfer, offering improved control and power delivery. Enjoy an efficient, safe, and reliable driving experience with MFactory's Helical LSD B16A.

Fitting: Honda Acura B16 B17A B18A B18B 1990-2001 Integra LS 1994-1997 B16 Del Sol DOHC VTEC 1999-2000 B16 Civic Si 1989-1991 S1 Y1 B16 Cable (without factory LSD)

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