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SpeedFactory Racing High Performance MLSS-HP Head Gaskets for Honda/Acura B-Series VTEC

SpeedFactory Racing High Performance MLSS-HP Head Gaskets for Honda/Acura B-Series VTEC

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SpeedFactory High Performance MLSS-HP Head Gaskets for Honda/Acura B-Series VTEC Engines, Including LS-VTEC

Fits: Civic / CRX / Integra GSR B16A B18C VTEC / LS-VTEC / B20-VTEC**

SpeedFactory Racing is proud to release our line of high-performance Honda/Acura B-Series VTEC MLS head gaskets!

These MLS gaskets have been purpose-built to provide an excellent seal on ALL B-Series VTEC applications, from factory setups to high compression / nitrous / turbocharged / supercharged engines.

Our gasket utilizes a 4-layer design with specialized embossments that increase active combustion sealing height, ideal for high output engines that experience high levels of head lift/movement. The thickness is ideal for use with o-rings in extremely high output applications that require it for reliable combustion sealing. We've also incorporated a unique internal silicone bead on the oiling passages for improved sealing.

When used in combination with our Extreme Duty L19 Head Stud Kit, our gaskets have been real-world tested to 1000HP with excellent results in non O-ringed blocks (and up to 1400hp+ when used with O-ringed sleeved blocks). Note that this is NOT a stopper ring-type design.

We have found over years of trying many different B-Series MLS gasket designs that once you reach an output level that eclipses what a non-stopper ring MLS gasket will reliably hold, adding a stopper ring only provides limited improvement and O-ringing the cylinder head or block becomes a necessity for a reliable combustion seal. The stopper ring becomes more of a hindrance to O-ring placement and function at that point and we have had much better success running O-rings with a non-stopper design.

Another unique feature is enlarged head stud holes for compatibility with 1/2” head studs (the 2 locating dowel holes remain OEM sized and are the only holes that need to be modified if running 1/2" head studs, greatly reducing the time & effort required during engine assembly). We have been reliably running these gaskets on wet deck Bullet Billet blocks which utilize 1/2" head studs at 1400+whp.

**B20-Vtec requires 84mm or Larger HeadGasket


  • Honda/Acura B16A B18C VTEC engines
  • LS-VTEC **Must Use VTEC Conversion "Stepped" Dowel Pins**
  • Available Sizes:
  • 81.50mm (Use for 81.00-81.75mm/3.218” maximum bore)
  • 82.00mm (Use for 82.00-82.25mm/3.238” maximum bore)
  • 83.00mm (Use for 83.00-83.25mm/3.277” maximum bore)
  • 84.00mm (Use for 84.00-84.25mm/3.316” maximum bore)
  • 84.50mm (Use for 84.50-84.75mm/3.336” maximum bore)
  • 85.00mm (Use for 85.00-85.25mm/3.356” maximum bore)
  • 040”/1.016mm thickness

All gaskets are 0.040”/1.016mm thick


  • MLSS-HP (Multiple Layer Stainless Steel + Silicone Bead) Head Gasket optimized for high performance use
  • 4-layer MLS design with specialized embossment increases active combustion sealing height, ideal for forced induction engines that experience high levels of head lift/movement.
  • Unique internal silicone elastomeric sealing bead around oiling passages for improved fluid sealing.
  • High performance elastomeric coating to ensure the best possible seal by compensating for surface irregularities.
  • 1/2" head stud compatible.
  • OE quality, OE certified manufacturer (ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO 14001 certified).
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