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Skunk2 Alpha Series Throttle Body

Skunk2 Alpha Series Throttle Body

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Available For Honda/Acura (D/B/H/F Series)

The Skunk2 Alpha Series Throttle Body is perfect for Hondas B-series engines. With its exclusive, fine shot-blasted surface finish for improved durability and air flow, the 66mm body provides punchy acceleration with increased horsepower and torque. It is designed for compatibility with Skunk2 and OEM intake manifolds and ensures easy installation with precision die-casting and countersunk, stainless steel mounting bolts and idle adjustment screws. Get optimal engine performance with the Alpha Series Throttle Body.

The Skunk2 Alpha Series Throttle Body is an ideal performance upgrade for heavily modified B-series engines. Its larger 66mm & 70mm bore offers substantial gains in horsepower across the powerband, for naturally aspirated as well as forced induction engines. You can count on precise fitment and a limited lifetime warranty, with the added industry-leading customer support of Skunk2 for added peace of mind.

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