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Haltech Elite 1500 Plug-n-Play Adaptor Harness ECU Kit 02-05 Honda Civic EP3 / 02-04 Acura RSX

Haltech Elite 1500 Plug-n-Play Adaptor Harness ECU Kit 02-05 Honda Civic EP3 / 02-04 Acura RSX

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This Haltech Elite 1500 Plug-n-Play Adaptor Harness ECU Kit is specifically designed for 02-05 Honda Civic EP3 and 02-04 Acura RSX owners who want to replace their factory harness. Packed with features like a robust, water-resistant case and drive-by-wire throttle control for superior handling, this kit ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding conditions. It includes factory connectors and a USB programming cable, along with a quick start guide with a full ECU manual and software to guide you through installation in just a few hours. Enjoy dual channel knock control, 2 connectors, short-term and long-term map learning, and other advanced features with the powerful Nexus Software Programmer, which can handle 1 - 12-cylinder engines, 2 rotors, normal or forced induction, and load sensing via TPS, MAP or MAF. Get optimal engine control with this comprehensive Plug-n-Play Adaptor Harness ECU Kit and enjoy reliable performance.

In many states, it is unlawful to tamper with your vehicle's emissions equipment. Haltech products are designed and sold for sanctioned off-road/competition non-emissions controlled vehicles only and may never be used on a public road or highway. Using Haltech products for street/road use on public roads or highways is prohibited by law unless a specific regulatory exemption exists (more information can be found on the SEMA Action Network website for state by state details in the USA). It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user of this product to ensure compliance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations. Please check with your local vehicle authority before purchasing, using or installing any Haltech product.

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