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Five8 Industries SS Coilovers

Five8 Industries SS Coilovers

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Five8 Industries SS Coilovers are designed for superior performance. Crafted with quality materials and precision design, they help you achieve lower ride height, better handling, and greater comfort. Each set comes with a 1 year warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.


  • Full Length Ride Height Adjustment
  • Mono-Tube Damper Design
  • Seamless 52mm Electroplated Carbon Steel Shock Body
  • O.D. 20mm Piston Rod For MacPherson Suspension
  • O.D. 14mm Piston Rod For Non-MacPherson Suspension
  • Unique 44mm High-Flow CNC 6061 Aluminum Piston
  • Unique Thinned CNC 6061 Aluminum Floating Piston
  • Polyurethane Oil Seal
  • SAE9254 Cold-Wound Spring
  • Multi-Thickness Valving Shims
  • Unique Low-Gas Pressure Design
  • 7.5w Compounded Suspension Fluid
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